Banerjee Special

Tour Operator and Travel Abroad

JAWHAR MANSION, 5, Moti Seal Street, Kolkata - 700013
Ph. 033-22282585 / 033-22282152 / 033-22289503

Facilities and Services provided in our arranged tours:

**Facilities: -

1. Food Service during tour is provided as follows :
  • Bed Tea Breakfast and tea.
  • Afternoon Lunch – (Rice, Dal), Vegetable curry, Fish / Chicken / Eggs, Chatni etc
  • Evening snacks – Tea, Biscuits, other Snacks
  • Dinner – Rice / Chapati, Dal, Veg / non-veg Curry, Chatni, Sweets.
  • Provision of veg and non-veg at both lunch and dinner is there.
  • Supply of Tea, breakfast, Fish / chicken/eggs and sweet is limited.

N.B: Bed tea is not provided during train-journey. Separate cooking is done for widows and vegetarian people.

2. Our dedicated staffs will be there to take care of needs and complains of passengers. For lady passengers – with whom their guardian is not there, our staffs are there to provide help and support. Special care is taken care off of old and child tourists.
3. For tourists who have LTC claim facilities in there working organization. LTC/LFC Certificate is provided from our Kolkata office, which they may submit to their Organization to settle their claims after journey.
4. Firstaid medication and medicines are provided in case of illness and injuries for local arrangements.
5. Any passenger heavily injured, medical treatment to be borned by party.
6. Passengers must provide Identity card at any place if asked.