Banerjee Special

Tour Operator and Travel Abroad

JAWHAR MANSION, 5, Moti Seal Street, Kolkata - 700013
Ph. 033-22282585 / 033-22282152 / 033-22289503

Puja, November & December 2017 tour Booking will start 14th April 2017 (Poila Baisakh) bengali nababarsha on Thursday at 10:00A.M. to 6:00P.M.

Tour Booking and Reservations Guidelines:

**Booking Procedure: -

1. Outside Kolkata booking only by Bank Draft
2. Inside Kolkata, 24 Paraganas North, 24 Paraganas South, Hoogly, Burdwan, booking can be done by cash / cheque, or Demand Draft
3. No online booking or internet booking is done
4. Please provide Identity card xerox copy at time of booking.
5. We have no Branch office / Agent.
6. All rules and regulations as per our bengali booklet, provided by Head office

**Reservation Criteria: -

For reservation of each seat, a sum of rupees three thousand is to be deposited per head. The remaining amount is to be deposited, thirty days prior to journey date.
1. In general the tours are arranged in 2nd class Reserved 3 Tier Sleeper class. All passengers have common right to sit on bench (lower berth) from morning 6.00 am to night 10.00 pm.
2. Seats in the Lower / Middle or Upper berth in Sleeper Coach of Train service cannot be confirmed. The seats are allotted by Rail authority against name of passengers is to be accepted. Our train service doesn’t mean for reserved coaches.
3. 40% less in Company ticket fare for children aged 3yrs to 5yrs.
4. 10% less in Company ticket fare for children aged 5yrs to 12yrs with no extra bed in hotel facility.
5. 20% less in Company ticket fare for children aged 5yrs to 12yrs with no extra bed in hotel facility and no separate train berth.
4. GST 5% applicable on total Company ticket fare.
5. In case returning to Howrah train is cancelled by Indian Railways, fooding, lodging and return journey to be borned by party.
6. All cancellation request to be entertained between 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.