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Sangla - Kalpa Kinnaur

Duration: 12 Days

Places Covered:Kalpa Kinnaur , Saharan, Sangla, Rampur, Simla

Journey: Howrah to Chandigarh by Train, Chandigarh - Simla - Kalpa - Sangla - Saharan - Rampur/ Simla - Chandigarh by bus. Chandigarh to Howrah by Train.

Day by day Tour Itenary

Day Programme Night Stay
Day 1 Dep. Howrah Station To Chandigarh Any Suitable Train Train
Day 2 R U N N I N G Train
Day 3 Arrival Chandigarh morning transfer to Shimla By Bus and hotel and Stay rest. Same Day Departure Shimla Kalibari & Mal And Back to Hotel Night Stay. Shimla
Day 4 Depart by Bus for Saharan(approx175KM, 6600Ft) and Arrival at evening Transfer to Hotel. At Evening Vima Kali Temple Darshan. Saharan
Day 5 By bus for Sangla(approx. 95KM, 8200Ft) and Transfer to hotel Night Stay Sangla
Day 6 By bus for Sight Seeing of Chitkool and back to Sanglahotel Stay Sangla
Day 7 Early Morning Sangla by Bus For Kalpa Via Ricongpio. And Transfer to Kalpa Hotel Night Stay Kalpa
Day 8 Morning Sight Seeing of RoghiGao and Monistry. And back to Hotel Stay Kalpa
Day 9 Departure Morning by Bus for Rampur and transfer to hotel and stay. Rampur
Day 10 Early Morning Departure by bus for Chandigarh Railway Station. And Transfer to Railway Waiting Room. Chandigarh
Day 11 Chandigarh Railway Station any Suitable train for Howrah Train
Day 12 Arrive Howrah Railway Station and Tour End Train

2021 - 2022 Tour Dates

Month 2021 Tour Dates 2022 Tour Dates
March -- --
April 18th --
May 25th --
June -- --
September 5th and 18th --
October -- --
November 12th --
December -- --

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